House of Barbers – Barber School

House of Barbers barber school is designed to offer a well‐rounded educa􏰀onal experience. An experienced teaching staff, state of the art equipment, and a professional environment set the founda􏰀on to build a career in Barbering. A focus on the business of barbering makes our school favorable to begin your barber career.
All programs are designed to prepare the student for the Pennsylvania state Barber Licensure:


brown wooden handled knife on brown wooden chopping board

– 1250 clock hour program – $12,500 This program offers a mixture of Theory and Practical course work to prepare the…

Barber Crossover

695 clock hour program – $ 6,950 This program is designed to offer the licensed Pennsylvania Cosmetologist the ability to earn …

Barber Teacher

1250 clock hour program – $ 6,250 This program offers the Licensed Pennsylvania Barber Manager the ability…